Organic Living Microgreens & Wheatgrass

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Organic broccoli microgreens provide extraordinary health benefits, including cancer and disease prevention.

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Superfood blend of organic kale & amaranth

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Wasabi-Bok Choy

Powerful blend of wasabi mustard, white stem bok choy, red streaks mustard, and purple radish


Hot Mama’

Spicy blend of white, pink, purple, and red radish



Organic Sunflower seeds sprout these delicious sprigs of salty sweetness for an extra layer of flavor that pairs perfectly in wraps, salads, or even homemade salad dressings. Check out our recipe page for sunflower ranch dressing.


Organic Wheatgrass

Our organic wheatgrass is grown from the sweet hard winter red seed and produces a lovely sweet flavor when juiced.

Sizes: Clamshell, Flat, or Cut