Urban Produce | The Future of Farming

Here at Urban Produce, we’re pushing the envelope of sustainability by redefining what it means to consume locally grown produce. Not only is our produce organic, but its living! Because we can grow organic produce year-round anywhere in the world, we have the potential to greatly reduce the industry’s carbon footprint by minimizing and even eliminating transport costs. Urban Produce is revolutionizing the agriculture industry by globalizing locally grown produce. Join us in bringing nutrient-dense, locally grown produce to urban cities across the world!

The concept behind our High-Density Vertical Growing System has garnered considerable attention as an answer for many of the food issues facing the 21st century.

Our HDVG System can grow a wide variety of outstanding products. To see the complete line-up just click here.

Because our produce is grown locally it saves on delivery costs and allows a much fresher product to go to market.